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Provider Network Management

Customized to our clients' requirements.



Vestica Healthcare can provide network management services by applying decades of experience and innovative technology to this essential aspect of your program. We have the ability to dramatically reduce the burden of provider credentialing and provider contracting for your staff as well as your network. Our solution is customized to handle your specific requirements, from Medicaid provider enrollment to multiple networks with different reimbursement rules.

We integrate seamlessly with your core administrative systems, so provider data is current and easily shared across systems.  Our automated, paperless environment allows for real-time information storage and electronic document sharing, speeding processes and reducing cost.

Provider Contracting

Vestica Healthcare can simplify provider contracting with web-based technology which connects clients and providers electronically. Clients can benefit by automatically offering customized contracts based on a provider’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) code, with customized fee schedules based on geographic location and specialty analytics. Providers can agree to contract terms and fees online with an electronic signature, from anywhere at any time, in a completely paperless environment. When an agreement is reached, provider data can be automatically captured and stored electronically. The result is contracting which is easy, timely and cost-efficient.   

Provider Credentialing

The days of time-consuming, paperwork-heavy provider credentialing are gone. With Vestica Healthcare, clients can benefit from a streamlined, paperless process which speeds credentialing and eases the burden on providers and staff.  Our web-based Provider Credentialing Portal can guide providers step-by-step through the initial credentialing application and allows them to submit all required documentation online.  We can capture and store provider data, so providers can simply update their application data when they receive an email notice for re-credentialing.  Clients can check the credentialing status of their network at any time through on-demand, real-time dashboards. By applying innovative technology built to streamline benefit management, Vestica Healthcare reduces the time and cost associated with provider credentialing.

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